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I used to work in Lawn Care Services for Scott's. I tried to do my job well and take care of the customers in my assigned route. They do not hire top notch help and they receive very little initial training before they are turned loose upon the customers. A lot of the help took advantage and "Ghosted" lawns (they left an invoice without doing anything.) The sales department caused a lot of the service personnel's headaches by making promises... Read more

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Very bad experience with Scotch lawn Service. Bad costumer service and bad service!!! What else can I say? Just cancelled your service today!

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These guys are driving me nuts. They use various numbers and just won't stop calling for up sales (aeration, over seeding, additional applications etc). I just want them to do the applications that I did sign up for and do them correctly. I've used them for about 10 years now and their service has really gone bad over the last 2 years and I will be dropping them after this season. Each application is applied thinner and thinner and they don't... Read more

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Whatever you do, DO NOT USE SCOTT'S LAWN CARE SERVICE. After having a great lawn for 20 years, Scott's ruined my lawn in one season. They used a *** killer that killed everything, including the grass! it will be a lot of work to get my lawn looking like it used to. I had been using a different lawn care service for a few years and at the recommendation of a friend switched to Scott's. Boy am I ever sorry that I switched. If you care about... Read more

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we paid Scotts to treat our lawn this year. The second application was to kill the weeds. They might have insulted the weeds but they did not kill them. After a week, I asked for a re-application. That second application did nothing to kill the weeds and they are worse than ever.I called today to complain only to be told that Scotts has "merged" with trugreen and that company is now providing my lawn service. I did not ask for this to be... Read more

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I have spent fifteen hundred dollars over 3 years on a 350 sq ft lawn. It dies every spring and summer, 3 years in a row. Scott promises the world but does nothing. They aerate and reseed at my expense in fall producing a lush lawn. BY May and June it starts to die and is 90 pct dead by August. Do Not waste your money! They lie to your face never do anything to resolve it and deny refunding your money, "oh the satisfaction guarantee is not a... Read more

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My lawn is dying after being treated. Manager Chris said he will look at it and see whats going on. Manager would not return calls and when i called receptionist said he was going out the door and he would call me back. Never did. I had to call many times before he called and left a message that he was returning my call He didn't say what is going on with my lawn. Never heard from him again. Meatime my lawn is getting worse. I think if they... Read more

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We had service from Scott's lawn for about four years since 2013. Our lawn condition has not been improved, instead, it s getting worse. Weeds are everywhere in backyard as shown in the attached pics. Other than collecting payment, they are not interested in improving their service. After complaining, they did come back to redo the job according to their account. But nothing is improved. While we called in to cancel service, the lady did not... Read more

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I will never use Scotts again. We had them spray for mosquitos, and it killed all the mother birds that I was so enjoying watching in my yard. I had several nest in trees and plants, and I love my birds. Scotts lawn service didn't warn me that I would be killing all these birds, and leaving babies with no parents to care for them. I have cried and cried, and feel such guilt. I should have researched it, but I also feel I should have been... Read more

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When I asked for a corp customer service phone number I received a non working 888 number. This is how you will be treated as a customer, very poorly. They will do anything to up sale you but will not service you as a customer for the service you have contracted. You have to call them to get service. Or they call and leave a VM telling you they will be out the next day and never show up. Very poor customer service and not worth the time and... Read more

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