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I have been using your product for over 40 years and this year I have over 100 dandalions in front and back yard . I spent $70.00 for your products. I have always had neighbors ask what I use for such a beautiful lawn and recommend your product. I am wondering what you cut back on the material? This is very disappointing. You were in the past anyways far better than anyone else. I would like someone to explain to me why the failure in your product or have a customer rep contact me 815 2980186. I take a lot of pride and effort to have a... Read more

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We tried Scotts lawn service last year. It just didn't work for us, they came the days it poured, the days we had our lawn full of furniture after a party. Our lawn is still full of weeds, other than one area where it is oddly striped with spots of weeds and lines where there are none. At the end of the year, I let them know in writing that we were not going to continue the next year - it had just not worked for us. $500, lesson learned, moved on. So I was surprised when I got a voicemail letting us know they were going to come for our first... Read more

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Different "lawn tech" every month-back yard OK some dollar weeds on the edge of the yard. The front was a new Zoysia lawn around 4 years ago/zero weeds-Scotts have been "servicing" my lawn 12months now my lawn has around 35% weeds(dollar, clover etc). I'm out of the country for 6 months a year, so my wife takes care of things. I came back the lawn was a mess, called for "extra service" first time calling. Made 3 appointments never showed or called to explain why, but wanted to show up on usual day for the $42.84! The manager is a Neanderthal,... Read more

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No consistency on service tecs, no receiving services that are paid for, lawn is on worse condition, no assistance from district nor corporate office.... Read more

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I used Scotts Water Smart grass seed in the fall of 2015. I now have a yard full of weeds, 80%. This is the second time this has happened using special water smart seed. I now get to spend the summer getting rid of all the weeds. As you can see, the photo shows the work I have ahead of me. I will have to kill 80% of my yard and start all over. I spent $600.00 last fall getting seed down and now I have to spend double to correct bad seed. Not to mention the time it will take. After 2 years of issues, I am done using Scotts. Read more

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Scott's Lawn Service is a straight scam. They try to take advantage of their customer base in several ways. I signed up with them last season for 7 rounds of treatment. I was called numerous times throughout the treatment and was told that, Scott's technicians would be in my area during whatever time period to apply different treatments that I never asked for. Luckily I had the sense to tell whoever was on the other end of the line that I only signed up for 7 treatments nothing more nothing less. So that is the first way they take advantage.... Read more

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It's feb 18 th got a phone call they would be out in 2 days for lime and service! We still have snow on ground. I called back to call center which they call at 600 pm when we are having dinner.and said no service in February too early.then I tryed to call local office to speak to Sam bridges local manager he was busy. E mailed him no response then the next day a guy I never spoke too named Derrick calls me on speaker phone and goes on to tell me he understands I want to quit service at my address . He refers to me as ( my friend) I've known... Read more

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I used Scotts for about 1-1/2 years now. Every time the serviced my lawn and I was home I would time and watch what they did. The were never there longer than 10 minutes and when I questioned their supervisor Johnathan he would say that's within industry standards. That's not long enough to roll out and roll back the hose. Imagine how much chemicals they actually use. They never controlled weeds like guaranteed. Every time they came out to spray it was a different person so they didn't even know what they were supposed to do. Even though they... Read more

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Scotts Lawn Service used heavy machinery on my newly seeded lawn. It looked as if someone drove a truck over my new grass. The technician didn't access the lawn prior to fertilizing as it had rained heavily the day before. Horrible service..still waiting on repair after 4 days. Add comment

I recently discovered I have been getting scammed by them. They maybe a good company, but some service tech take plays off like some do in football. I had to ask them to come out and retreat after 2months since I didn't see any improvements then 2 months later I was home. My dog alerted me that someone was outside. I check and saw it was Scotts. Never saw the guy get out of the van after 15 minutes.He just stayed parked, then he gets out and sticks the "Serviced" sign in my yard..OMG I'm hot..I confronted him and he just dug into a bigger lie... Read more

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